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A group-based program giving you the coaching, support and
accountability to turn your podcast idea into a reality.

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We all know that podcasting is a great way to build your profile, help more people and grow your business – there’s a reason why podcasts are skyrocketing in popularity and dominating people’s earphones.

If you’re like many people, you probably have a great idea for a podcast you’d like to launch. But there’s equipment you need to buy and all that technical stuff you have no idea about. You’re probably also doubting whether your podcast concept is even a good one in the first place! This makes it easy to put your podcast idea in the ‘too-hard basket’ and means that you keep putting it off.

The good news is that there’s a process to follow to create a great podcast, quickly and having helped dozens of people like you design and launch their podcast, we know what it takes to helping people like you finally become a podcaster.

It’s time to stop talking about your podcast and start taking action. Join our exclusive group program to launch your podcast in just 6 weeks.

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Welcome To Our Podcast Launchpod

Our six-week, group-based program will remove all the complexity and guide you through a clear and tested process for building each piece of your podcast and most importantly, launching it! Far from just giving you information, our coaching program is designed to ensure that you follow all the right steps at your end, while we take care of the graphic design, editing and technical stuff at our end.

Your investment includes weekly group coaching over Zoom, regular Q&A opportunities and a Facebook community to answer your questions and work through any roadblocks that pop up.

The Podcast Launchpod is the perfect combination of clear steps, necessary accountability and direct help to ensure that you launch your podcast idea, once and for all.

What Our People Say


Starting our own Podcast has been an absolute gamechanger for us. We were quickly upskilled by the Oh My Pod team on what was needed for a successful launch and ongoing product. I just wouldn’t do a podcast any other way.

Tim Henry
Host of The Grass is Greener Podcast

I feel like the hardest part is making a start. I am now planning on “season two” for my show and have lots of new ideas and ways to engage and build my audience…I thoroughly recommend you consider making a podcast to get your message across to prospective clients, deepen your relationship with your existing clients and grow your business organically.

Geoff Ivanac
Host of Real Life Retirement Radio

Danielle is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of podcasting, digital strategy and more. She is also a wonderful sounding board and support and on days when I doubted myself, I was grateful for her enthusiasm. The team behind Oh My Pod are incredibly efficient and communicative which makes the weekly production stress-free.

Genevieve Frost
Host of The Reality Cheque Podcast

Your Coaches

Danielle Cornelissen is the founder of Oh My Pod, a podcast editing and production agency. Having helped over dozens people release hundreds of podcast episodes, Danielle and her team are the perfect people to take all the technical stuff off your plate, so you can focus on creating great podcast content.

Fraser Jack, (aka the ‘Pod God’) is the award-winning host of the ‘Goals-based Advice’ podcast. When he’s not behind the microphone, Fraser helps budding podcasters launch excellent podcasts, sooner. Fraser intimately understands the challenges that podcasters experience and exactly how to help you work through them.

Pricing And Dates

$1,850 plus GST

Next intake to be announced shortly – register your interest now!

What's Included

Week 1

Getting the foundations right

We’ll start by getting clear on who your ideal listener is and how your podcast will help them, as well as making some important decisions on your artwork and music. You’ll also walk away from this week with a shopping list of equipment to buy, so you can set up your podcast studio.

Getting the foundations right was super helpful in finding my niche audience, I never thought of doing it just for our clients, I always thought it was more of a mass-market thing

Tim Henry
Host of The Grass is Greener Podcast
Week 2

Planning your first episodes

This is where your podcast starts to become real! You’ll decide and book in your first guest, get clear on the technicalities of recording your first episode and become a better interviewer. We’ll also get you into your studio, as you record an intro and outro for each of your future episodes.

Planning it all out showed me I could combine different talents together to add value to our niche client community

Joe Stephan
Host of It’s Never About The Money Podcast
Week 3

Recording your first episode

You’ll walk away from this week with your first episode and interview recorded. We’ll make sure you have all the tech nailed before you start and your coaches will give you insights and feedback to help improve your delivery on future episodes.

I had wanted to do this for a few years, just wasn’t sure where to start, the course made me 10 x more confident that I could create helpful and professional episodes, I am very happy with how the episodes have turned out

Michael Khouri
Host of Sharing More Than The Sheets Podcast
Week 4

Preparing for Launch

With your first episode in the bag, it’s time to start planning for the public release of your new podcast. We’ll take care of the technical stuff for you while you decide on your launch strategy and launch date, as well as lock in more interviews.

I had been thinking about this moment for 2 years, so to have a group to be accountable to as well as peer support with people at the same stage as me, helped me get this launched

Trish Gregory
Host of MilSpouse Money
Week 5 And 6

The Launchpod Recording challenge

We shift gears in weeks 5 and 6 and help you sprint to the finish line. The gauntlet will be thrown down to hit an individual and group target for recording as many episodes as you can. We’ll be in your corner giving you coaching, support and encouragement along the way.

I had wanted to start a podcast for around 10 years, but I just didn’t know what to do, or if I’d have anything interesting to say, the course and challenge gave me the confidence to launch it and I love it.

Thabojan Rasiah
Host of Rich With Purpose Podcast

Our 100%, No Risk,
You Win Guarantee

We’re so confident that this is the perfect way for you to design and launch your podcast that if you finish your first group coaching session and you’re not convinced this is the program for you, we’ll offer you a full, no-strings-attached refund of your enrolment fee.

3 Steps To Getting Started


Step One

Join The Launchpod

Follow this link to join our waitlist for our next Podcast Launchpod. But get in quick! Each intake is limited.


Step Two

Keep An Eye On Your Inbox

We’ll send you some exercises to complete before our first call, so you can hit the ground running come the start of the course.


Step Three

Mark Your Diary

Mark the date in your diary for our first coaching session… and 6 weeks later as the time that you’ll be launching your podcast!



We will be announcing our next Launchpod intake shortly. After kick-off, the program will run for 6 weeks after this, with calls taking place at the same time each Thursday.

Not a problem at all! We will record every coaching call and make these available to you shortly after each session.

We have found that smaller group sizes build a better environment of trust and keep participants more accountable. That’s why we cap our group sizes in each intake.

If you follow our process, by the end of the 6 weeks your Podcast will be launched (go you!). In terms of how many episodes you’ll have out in the public domain, that bit is really up to you. We’ll edit your first 5 episodes for you but the harder you work at your end, the more you’ll achieve through the program.

We will be running weekly group-based Zoom workshops, with clear topics each week. But don’t think that you’ll be sitting there listening to us bang on the whole time; these sessions will involve you working on specific aspects of your podcast and making important decisions with the input of your Launchpad posse. You’ll leave each session with important tasks ticked off and follow up work to keep your momentum strong.

We will be giving you comprehensive templates, tools, checklists and everything you need to follow our proven process. Sitting behind all this will be our Launchpod Facebook community where you can share pieces of your podcast with your group and coaches for feedback. We’ll also be running Q&A sessions in between workshops, to answer your burning questions and help you overcome roadblocks and challenges.

This is completely fine and in fact, you should keep an open mind about your podcast topic at this early stage. As long as you have a few rough ideas, we’ll spend a solid amount of time refining your podcast concept during the first 2 weeks of the program.

This is completely fine. Our program is designed for budding podcasters of all levels and whatever gaps exist in your knowledge, we will be filling them!

When it comes to what needs to get done during the program, we ‘divide and conquer’. There are bits we can’t do for you (like recording the episodes themselves) but we’ve got you covered in terms of designing your podcast artwork, editing your first 5 episodes and uploading them online.

This bit is up to you but as a rough guide; for basic research, communicating with your guest and the recording itself, you should allow 2-3 hours per episode (depending on the episode’s length). As you get more confident and streamline your process, this amount of time should reduce.

We’ll edit your first 5 episodes for you but beyond that, you’ll have some options for how you manage your new Podcast. If you would like Oh My Pod to take care of the ongoing production and editing of your podcast, we would love to help! You can see Oh My Pod’s package options here.

To start with, only the computer that you need to access Zoom! But your podcast equipment will be one of the first things we discuss in week 1, and we’ll send you away with a shopping list of exactly what to buy, based on your budget.

You can spend as much as you want, but we find that most new podcasters ‘over-spend’ on their equipment. You can get a great sounding, professional set-up for less than $200.

It’s time to stop talking
and start acting

Your podcast isn’t going to record, edit and launch itself – if you want your idea to become a reality, you need to do make it so. You can fumble your own way there over the next few months and years (if at all), or you can lock in your launch and get to a better outcome, quicker, with the guidance of our expert coaches and motivated community.

The podcast world is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?