12 Podcast Tasks you can Outsource to Save you Time & Money

You’re a podcast host. You’re a conversationalist. You build great rapport with your guests. You ask the big questions (and some of the small ones too).

If you’re like the majority of our clients, then this is what got you into podcasting in the first place.

And, this should be what you’re spending your time doing (not all the other boring admin that goes along with podcasting!).

Don’t get bogged down in podcast branding, podcast production, podcast show notes and podcast marketing. 

Focus on what you want to do – actually making your podcast – and let us, the podcast producers, do the rest.

But how does this work? And where do you start with handing over your podcast to someone else?

Now, that’s the easy part!

Here are 12 podcast tasks you can outsource to save you time AND money!


1. Podcast Logo & Cover Art

We’ll design a logo that suits the vibe of your podcast. We’ll also create cover art so each episode looks schmick! 

2. Social Media Imagery

Your social media pages are the first thing people see. We’ll create cohesive imagery and branding to draw people in and keep them there!

3. Branded Show Templates and Documents

We’ll create branded documents for you to send to guests, staff and media. That way you’ll look professional, on-brand and organised.

4. Episode Editing and Uploading

You might be thinking – “Cutting? Fading? Exporting? Uploading? That sounds boring!” Well we love it, so let us take the burden off you. You record the episode and we’ll do the boring stuff!

5. Musical Intros and Outros

Every podcast needs a catchy theme tune that gets stuck in your listeners head. We’ll write an earworm to get your listeners humming along instantly!

6. Episode Summary Shownotes

We’ll summarise your episode content and write a description to help people find your podcast! 

7. Tagging and Hyperlinking

By tagging keywords and hyperlinking to related pages in your show notes, we’ll increase your podcast’s search engine optimisation (SEO). 

8. Podcast Marketing Strategy

We’ll create a personalised podcast marketing strategy to get your podcast off the ground and into the stratosphere. 

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep your listeners informed about new podcast episodes, what’s on your mind or what you’ve been up to recently!

10. Blogging & Copywriting

We’ll write blogs and articles to help drive traffic back to your podcast! These well written pieces will optimise your search engine results.

11. Video Intros and Outros

We’ll let people see the face behind the voice by creating video intros and outros to your podcast!

12. Social Media and YouTube video content

We will turn your podcast into awesome video content for your social media pages and Youtube! This will greatly increase your podcast’s reach!


Let us do the boring stuff so you can focus on what matters – creating your amazing podcast!

Get in contact with us today!

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