5 Social Media Post Ideas For Podcasts

Social media is a fantastic way to get your podcast in front of new audiences.

But sometimes, the foray into the world of social media can be scary… where do you start? What do you post?

We’ve taken the struggle out of creating social media posts for your podcast with these 5 simple, yet effective, content ideas.

Steal our ideas and make them your own to help grow your podcast!

Here are our 5 post ideas for take your podcast’s social media to the next level:

1) Quotes from guests

Pull an interesting quote from your episode and create a quote-based image! Quotes are a great way to let your audience know what the episode is about and pique their interest.

Here’s a great example from the It’s Never About Money podcast.

2) Snippets of video or audio

A short snippet of video or audio goes a long way! It’s a great way to preview the episode and drive new listeners to your show. Make sure the snippet is natural, interesting and short to leave people wanting more.

Check out this example from our own Instagram page.

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3) Infographic covering the key topic of the episode

A visually appealing and easy-to-follow infographic can add credibility to the content of your podcast. A new listener will immediately know what the episode will cover and be compelled to listen to the whole thing!

Have a look at this great example from The Grass Is Greener podcast!

4) Behind the scenes of preparing for or recording a podcast

Show the process of making your podcast so your audience can see the behind-the-scenes work you do to produce it. This could be a glimpse at your recording area, or a video of your vocal warm-ups, or a timelapse of the whole podcast recording experience!

Here is a simple and effective example from the Financial Marketing Secrets podcast.

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5) Episode artwork – new one for each guest

Posting the unique artwork you have created for each episode is a great way to introduce each guest. The audience will be able to see the ‘face behind the voice’. It can also help to leverage the guest notability to reach a wider audience.

Check out this great example from the Good For The Bee podcast.

So there you have it! Those are our 5 simple-yet-effective social media post ideas for your podcast.

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