EP#009 – How To Make A Business Out Of Your Podcast

Tanner Campbell is a big hitter in the world of podcasting. He runs his own podcast ‘Podcasting Sucks’ which regularly tops the podcast charts, was recently named in the Top 22 Most Influential Podcasters, and he helps podcasters monetise their podcasts through his production company Tanner Helps. 

For most of us, our podcasts start off as a hobby. But it is an activity that requires a big-time commitment that can be hard to juggle with your career, family, or anything else in your life. 

But what if your podcast could become your career? What if you could start making money from your passion project? 

Tanner has done exactly that, so we’ve asked him on For the Love of Pod to talk about the steps needed to make a business out of your podcast. 

Find out more about Tanner: https://www.podcastingsucks.com/