EP#016 – How To Realise The True Value Of Your Podcast with Joseph Liu

Often podcasters feel guilty about running their podcast because they view it as a hobby–as a self-indulgent distraction from their “real work”. Because of this, they stop podcasting, or in some cases, they actually never launch their podcast at all! However, podcasting is actually a great way to help connect with more people and spread your value more widely than you could one-on-one.

Our guest today is Joseph Liu, Keynote Speaker, Career Consultant, and host of the Career Relaunch® podcast.

Joseph joins For the Love of Pod today to share how he has been able to help extend his reach and help countless people through his podcast. He has been hosting his Career Relaunch® podcast since 2016, has listeners in 169 countries, and has been ranked as a top 20 career podcast on Apple Podcasts in five different countries.

But at one point, he stopped podcasting. Let’s hear why he did and why he eventually decided to restart after he realised the true value of his podcast.


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