Ep#017 – Lessons from a Podcasting Pro with Harry Duran

Harry Duran, is the host of Podcast Junkies and the Vertical Farming Podcast, founder of podcast production agency, FullCast, and author of Around the Podcast Campfire. 

Harry is an extremely experienced podcaster, who has had an interesting journey. From launching a podcast about a topic he didn’t know about, to starting his own podcast production firm, he joins me on For the Love of Pod to share his story and the learnings he gained along the way. 

In this episode, we explore many different areas of podcasting. We discuss: 

  • how to name your podcast to get the best SEO,  
  • how to launch a financially viable podcast,  
  • how to treat your podcast guests like gold,  
  • how to find podcast sponsors and price sponsorships, and 
  • how to find your inner voice and be authentic in podcasting. 


Connect with Harry: 

Find out more about the Around the Podcast Campfire book