What Does a Podcast Producer Do?

Every great podcast needs two key roles to be filled

  1. someone to be on the podcast (“the host”) and
  2. someone to manage the podcast (“the producer”)

The problem is that most podcasters start their podcast because they want to wear hat #1, but they’re not being quite prepared for the time involved in wearing hat #2.

The hosting is fun and energising, but the producing side of it is time-consuming and tedious. And this is a big problem when, before too long, your podcast becomes inconsistent and frustrating, and you completely lose your mojo for podcasting.

But there’s some good news. It doesn’t have to be this way!

While it’s very HARD for you to outsource the hosting role, it’s actually quite EASY for you to outsource the producer role.

So what exactly does a podcast producer do?

Long story short, they make sure your podcast gets released, and that it stands out and gets the attention it deserves

Of course, an absolute must for your podcast is high-quality clarity and high-quality content. BUT there are so many other crucial steps to take and boxes to tick which your producer needs to be all over. 

At Oh My Pod, that sort of stuff is our bread and butter. Here are some of the key tasks that your producer needs to manage (and which we can help you out with if you’re interested).

Episode Production

You’ve recorded a great episode! Let us take care of the rest. We’ll edit the episode for you and upload it. We will also provide musical intros and outros to grab the listener’s attention from the very beginning!

Podcast Branding

We want to make sure the look and feel of your podcast connects with your vision and connects with the right people. You’ll get a snazzy podcast logo and cover art, imagery for your social media, and branded show templates and documents to keep everything organised and professional.

Podcast Show Notes

We’ll summarise your episode content into show notes. That way people will be able to find your podcast quicker and easier. We’ll include key phrases whilst maintaining the right tone in order to optimise search engine results!

Podcast Marketing

We’ll grow your profile AND your podcast AND help you find more raving fans. We’ll create a personalised marketing strategy for you to really get your podcast off the ground. This includes email marketing campaigns, social media strategies and blogging.

Video Production

We can turn your podcasts into awesome video content! We’ll make video intros and outros as well as social media and YouTube content. This will broaden your marketing options and give your podcast more reach.


Whatever support your podcast needs, we can provide it.

We built Oh My Pod to free up your time, help you follow the right steps to reach more listeners and let your podcast become as stress-free and successful as it deserves to be.

Here are 3 ways we can help you launch, grow and manage your podcast:

1. Read to Launch? Take our free Launch a Binge-Worthy Podcast training
Avoid common mistakes and plan your podcast launch like a pro with our free training — Start the training

2. Level up your podcast. Join our 5 Ways to Reach More Listeners online training
Stop wasting time and start growing your reach by learning what the best podcasters are doing – Find out more

3. Get your free time back. Book a call to set up your very own production team
Oh My Pod offers end-to-end services to help you manage, market and grow your podcast – Book a call to start today

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