Why Do I Need Headphones When Recording?

A question we get asked a lot is… ‘do I REALLY need headphones when I am recording my Podcast?’ 

As we answer this question, have a little sit down and let me tell you a spooky story…. 


So, imagine that you have just finished an interview for your podcast and you’re feeling pumped. 

It went well. You vibed with your guest. There was banter. Lots of good soundbites to choose from. 

Still on a high from such a successful recording, you do your edits and quickly upload the episode to your podcasting app. 

Then…. EEEK! *insert Hitchcock style stabbing sound* 

You find out that what sounded fine when you listened back on your PC, now sounds terrible when put online! 

The End. 

The moral of this story?

Glad you asked… as a podcaster, there is NOTHING more frustrating than finding out afterwards that the audio quality is poor. 

? One way to avoid this nightmare is to use headphones. ? 

Headphones let you hear things like echo and background noise, and avoids any feedback from the speakers to your mic. 

They also allow you to monitor and spot issues in real time, so that you can troubleshoot as you go. 

So, do yourself a favour. Grab a pair of headphones for the next time you record, and turn your nightmare ? into a fairytale ?. 

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