Content Batching: Your New Best Friend

Never run out of time, or content, again!

Have you ever felt that content squeeze? 

When you know you have to release a podcast episode, or post social media content, but life gets in the way and you run out of time to create it.

Well, here’s the secret to never running out of time, or content, ever again: CONTENT BATCHING!

What is content batching?

Content batching is a super productive process that enables you to efficiently create engaging and consistent content for your audience.

Essentially, content batching exactly what it sounds like. You batch all your content creation – making it all at once. You then release that content according to your schedule over the following weeks or months. 

Not everything needs to be created the day of release. In fact, that can lead to a massive burn out.

Imagine if you had a weekly podcast, and you had to record, edit, distribute and share it all on that one day! Sounds tiring!

We recommend that you record multiple episodes in a week or so, that will cover the following couple of months. Then, you can have them edited (by yourself, or us!), and pre-scheduled for release at a later date.

You can also do that with the episode promotions on social media or to your email newsletter list.

That way, not only are you saving time at the beginning of the process, you also are future-proofing your podcast. Because, we all get busy, and if you have competing deadlines and mountains of work on, it’s likely your podcast will be dropped down to the ‘too hard basket’.

Other benefits of content batching

Content batching is also a great tool to bring more consistency to the creation phase of your podcast. Each episode will have a continuity of brand voice – even with different guests and subject matter.

Your social media will also LOVE you too. By creating your content ahead of time and scheduling posts, your feed will maintain a consistent aesthetic and you won’t fall behind or forget to post ever again.

Let Oh My Pod take care of it for you

One of the main reasons that people stop podcasting is because it gets too overwhelming or difficult to stay on top of it all. And, the way to avoid giving up is by helping out your future self with content batching.

When you’ve finished recording a batch of new episodes, hand them over to us and we’ll do all the behind the scenes work so each of those podcast episodes are ready for release. You focus on recording killer episodes and we’ll do the rest!

So, go on, do yourself a favour! Start content batching. You’ll save time and relieve yourself of unnecessary stress. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help achieve your podcasting deam.

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